Congin School's celebration of the works of writer Tomie dePaola. These films were created in March - April 2010 as part of our Community Reads Event. Films entered into the festival were student created and inspired by the works of dePaola. Although the subject was focused on one author, the end results are very different as each class put its own personality and creative spin on its film. We hope you enjoy our productions!

And the Winner is....! Who won a MP3 listening center for their classroom for the best film? Find out who won Congin's Best Film of the Year and other top mentions on the awards page!

5th Grade Films

Ms. Bradbury's Class

A news show featuring segments based on Tomie dePaola's most popular titles. These 5th graders wrote, memorized, performed and crafted their sets to produce this film.

Ms. Trace's Class

"The Tomie dePaola Rap", inspired by real events and the book 26 Fairmont Ave. Ms. Trace's class used dePaola's website to research information on his life

Mrs. Barker's Class

Everything Popcorn! Mrs. Barker's class discovered that popcorn isn't just great to eat, it has history and it's delicious to learn about too! "The Popcorn Movie" features Popcorn News,Popcorn Stories, the Popcorn Channel and even Popcorn Soup. Inspired by The Popcorn Book.


Miss Chaplin's Class

After Miss Chaplin's class read the book The Clown of God, they learned a lot of things such as the history of juggling, the steps of juggling and even how to juggle! This was a student directed, filmed and edited movie.

Mrs. Brunelle's Class

Inspired by the book Strega Nona. This class creatively put the main character Big Anthony in a pasta cooking competition, where he tries to sabotage the other contestant's food. (A silent comedy where pasta goes awry!)

Mrs. Noyes's Class

This film is being edited.
After reading The Art Lesson, students in Mrs. Noyes's class explored what they wanted to be when they grow up with illustrations and cameo appearances.

4th Grade Films

Mr. Forrest's Class

In the spirit of Wallace and Grommit, this clay animation retells the story of Little Gopher in The Legend of the Indian Paintbrush.


Mr. Aham's Class

A silent movie that speaks volumes, like the book, Pancakes for Breakfast!


Mr. Pecoraro's Class

Mr. Pecoraro's class read Pancakes for Breakfast,a picture book that has no words. Each student illustrated a page from the book and wrote their own story line. They canned the illustrations and recorded their narration to go with the picture. Since the the characters were nameless in the book, the class named the characters after Mr. Pecoraro's childhood nanny and pets!

Mr. Wellman's Class

In a photo re-telling of Strega Nona with the help of some talented narrators, Mr. Wellman's class puts themselves in the book!

3rd Grade Films

Mrs. Card's Class

Based on the Cinderella Story, Adelita, Mrs. Card's Class tells the tale of Cougarella and the Prince of Congin and the big St. Patrick's Day Dance.adelita.jpg

Mrs. Cruz's Class

Since Mrs. Cruz's class loves to speak, they chose Mice Squieak, We Speak. It just so happened that there were 21 different animals and animal sounds, the exact numbers of students in the class. Mrs. Perkins made each student an animal drawing and they colored it. They memorized the animal sounds and performed them. They had fun and loved watching themselves perform and everyone was the star of the show!

Mrs. Remick's Class

In "Here We All Are", Mrs. Remick's class talks about where they are now, and takes you on a tour of Congin School from a 3rd grade perspective.